Friday, April 20, 2012

Catching Up

April started out a bit crazy with 8 days in Indianapolis for CNHP training. It was a long 8 days but I learned a ton and loved it. The food wasn't great and sitting for upwards of 10-11 hours a day wasn't great, but the classroom time went by quickly because I thought it was all so interesting. However, at the end I was so happy to be home. For one day.

BridalVeil Falls, Yosemite
I got home late Saturday night and then spent Sunday with the family - very relaxing and good to be home. Then early Monday morning we loaded up and headed to California for spring break. We spent a day at Six Flaggs Marine World in Vallejo, a couple of days in Yosemite - it was cold, then a couple of days in Roseville with my sister, Janice and her family. 

Then home on Friday and up early Saturday for a trip to Idaho Falls for my nephew's wedding. Of course, I forgot my camera. Ugh!!!

After that I've had a few days to just relax and kick back, clean the house, etc., etc. Vacations are always fun, but I always love coming home and just hanging out here.  

The first of May I'm heading to Seattle/Portland area for a few days and looking forward to that. It will be a fun trip seeing friends and family. 

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Clearly, I'm no Einstein

Yesterday, March 14th, was Einstein's birthday. My conversation with Trevor last week.

Trevor: Next Wednesday is Einstein's birthday. We are having a pi party. Can you bring a lemon pie to my math class?

Me: Sure. Was pie Einstein's favorite dessert? (This was not intended as a joke or double-entendre, I just didn't get it).

Trevor: Says nothing, but the look on his face was priceless. This is what I imagine he was thinking,  pick any or all of your favorite answers - they probably apply.
A. My mom is incredibly stupid.
B. How did I survive being raised by such a math-illiterate mom?
C. How has my math-illiterate mom survived all these years without me?

Once I figured it out, we had a pretty good laugh (I didn't really figure it out, Trevor had to remind me we were talking about two different pi(e)s here.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Zack's Farewell

I got so frustrated last time I did a post trying to make all my pictures line up that I haven't been back for awhile. So here is an attempt to catch up - sans photos.

Today we went to Twin Falls, Idaho for my nephew's mission farewell. Zack has made a big commitment to serve a mission and his parents are making a big sacrifice letting him go. Zack's dad isn't a member of the church and wasn't too hip to letting his son spend a lot of time and money on a mission. But he had a good friend at work tell him that a mission would make a man out of him more than anything else. Jim listened and Zack leaves Wednesday for the MTC, then off to Managua, Nicaragua. Shellie, my sister, admitted to me that she always could say out loud that Zack would go on a mission, but she kept a dirty little secret in her hip pocket - Jim, her hubby, would never let him go. So she wasn't too worried about it. Shellie, like most mom's, is going to miss Zack at least as much, if not more, than Zack will miss her. Zack has two sisters, Kelsey and Sydnie who will really miss him. They are going to have to be cheerful and supportive, even when they miss having big bro around to entertain them. This is a very close family and two years is a long time, but they will love having a missionary. Zack should know that he has a lot of family supporting him and praying for his success. Such a big family, in fact, that we had to have lunch at the school cafeteria in order to fit friends and family in one place. We love you Zack and wish and pray for your success.

Sorry to be lame and no pictures, I took my camera, took one picture of two little grand-nieces hugging each other and then put the camera away just so I could gab.