Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sweet Sixteen

Our dear little Kenna turned 16 on September 9th.
*Old enough date.
*Eligible for a midnight curfew.
*Old enough (but not yet experienced enough) to have a license to drive.
About that driving - it is usually a giggle-fest (nervousness). She is pretty good at distinguishing between the brake and the gas pedals, unless I am in the car with her screaming "brake", then she gets a tad confused. Yield signs almost completely baffle her. However, she improves with every driving experience she has.

We celebrated her birthday by going out to dinner at her favorite place - Olive Garden, where she ordered what she loves and always orders - chicken alfredo.
Then back home for her birthday cake. She was laughing so hard she could hardly blow out the candles. After many, many attempts she finally did it. We enjoyed some melted wax on her cake. After cake we put on our jammies, opened gifts and enjoyed a family movie. Oh, by the way, she is sporting a cute new haircut that happened sometime last week (I've completely lost track of time).

Sunday, September 5, 2010

A Loving Farewell

For those of you who may not know, my mom passed away this last week. She was an amazing person and I will miss her so much. However, we are all so relieved that she is done with the pain involved with terminal cancer.

She passed away on September 1st surrounded by all of her kids and my dad was by her side. She knew we were there. She felt our love for her and we felt her love for us. It was the sweetest, most spiritual experience I have ever had. I never thought I would ever be saying that about her death, but it is true.

With each piece of bad news we received along this journey of her having cancer, she always felt like Heavenly Father was watching over her and showering her with blessings untold. Her faith never waivered. She felt His tender mercies upon her, and we continue to feel His love and peace extended to us as we enter this new phase of our lives. Even now we recognize that one last prayer was answered in her behalf, in that she passed quickly and didn't suffer for days or weeks on end, as some do. Her passing was mercifully fast.

The second Sunday in August, we were all in Idaho for my nephew's missionary farewell. Mom was with us and in pretty good spirits and health, considering. But she did tell me that day she didn't think she would be able to be to Nicki's wedding - it was just too long of a journey and too exhausting for her. I understood, but still wished she would have been in good enough health to attend. When I gave her a last kiss good-bye this week, I whispered in her ear and asked her to meet us in the temple in a couple of weeks. I know she will be with us on that special occasion.

I miss her so much, but cannot feel sorrow for her. She is in such a better place, and free of pain and the worries of having cancer and having dad take care of her, which exhausted him. She was always thinking of him, even to her last breath. My sorrow is for my dad and for those whom she left behind. I miss her already. But she wouldn't want us to be bogged down in sorrow. If she were here now she would be telling me to stop wasting time grieving for her and get busy because I have a lot to do before Nicki gets married. That's my mom!