Monday, June 21, 2010

Ahh, The Beautiful People

We spent the weekend up in Rexburg, Idaho and had an amazing time (hard to comprehend, I know). The purpose of the trip was the wedding of one of our friends' son. The other purpose was seeing and reconnecting with old friends. We had a few hours between the temple sealing and the luncheon so we took advantage of it and spent the afternoon getting caught up on everything. It was great. So lame that I didn't have my camera to take any wonderful pictures of the reunion! It was the best eight hours I have ever spent in Rexburg. 

Not us, but beautiful people nonetheless, and we did have that much fun! (I get to be the young, gorgeous blond and my hubby, Kent, gets to be the young, good looking, obviously funny guy with the full head of hair.)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Feeling a Little Guilty

I get a bit nervous when my posts start getting really old - like I need to update my blog. Even though I mostly don't stress, sometimes it just happens. So I am taking a cue from a friend of mine and doing a "Wordless Wednesday" (well not really, but kind of). Because I am somewhat computer challenged (okay, completely computer challenged) I am just referring you to my niece's blog and a wonderful video she posted. Very much worth the extra time to get there. Click on "Laugh Mommy, Laugh" on my side bar and check out the June 16, 2010 post entitled "Good Things To Come".