Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I'm Baaaaaaack!

Oh, I've been gone for so long. I don't think it is because I've been so busy (although I have, but no more than usual). So far in June we've celebrated our 24th anniversary and Father's Day. Regan's birthday is coming up on Sunday and mine is on Tuesday. So we will be continuing the celebrating.

Kenna and Trevor are in Zion's Park this week at a Youth Conference. They are going to hike the Narrows tomorrow. It is 105 there today. I hope they are using sunscreen and drinking lots and lots of water.

Regan quit her fabulous job at the hospital where she has worked for the past year and a half in the daycare center. She loves that job, but is starting cosmetology school on Tuesday.

Nicki and McKay are traipsing around jolly old England for the next few days. McKay finished his second year of a big ol' hairy three year test the first weekend in June and celebrated a birthday on June 5th (we are racking up the June birthdays). Nicki will be starting nursing school in August.

Kent is (thankfully) busy with work and not so much golf these days as his favorite course is under 6 feet of water on most of the holes.

I've been busy with gardens (no, this is not mine, but it could be) and slightly busy at work. Could use more clients, but all in due time.

That is a snapshot of our lives. It's all good.