Sunday, February 12, 2012

Zack's Farewell

I got so frustrated last time I did a post trying to make all my pictures line up that I haven't been back for awhile. So here is an attempt to catch up - sans photos.

Today we went to Twin Falls, Idaho for my nephew's mission farewell. Zack has made a big commitment to serve a mission and his parents are making a big sacrifice letting him go. Zack's dad isn't a member of the church and wasn't too hip to letting his son spend a lot of time and money on a mission. But he had a good friend at work tell him that a mission would make a man out of him more than anything else. Jim listened and Zack leaves Wednesday for the MTC, then off to Managua, Nicaragua. Shellie, my sister, admitted to me that she always could say out loud that Zack would go on a mission, but she kept a dirty little secret in her hip pocket - Jim, her hubby, would never let him go. So she wasn't too worried about it. Shellie, like most mom's, is going to miss Zack at least as much, if not more, than Zack will miss her. Zack has two sisters, Kelsey and Sydnie who will really miss him. They are going to have to be cheerful and supportive, even when they miss having big bro around to entertain them. This is a very close family and two years is a long time, but they will love having a missionary. Zack should know that he has a lot of family supporting him and praying for his success. Such a big family, in fact, that we had to have lunch at the school cafeteria in order to fit friends and family in one place. We love you Zack and wish and pray for your success.

Sorry to be lame and no pictures, I took my camera, took one picture of two little grand-nieces hugging each other and then put the camera away just so I could gab.


  1. shame on you for not taking any pictures. good for zach. what a boy!

  2. Dan went to Nicaragua & loved it, of course! It was just one big mission back then.