Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ya Gotta Love the Endorsements!

Endorsements are always great, especially if they come unsolicited! This is what one customer wrote about Itty Bitty Soaps on her blog.
"If you are looking for something awesome to give a friend or family member look no further! Caroline has created some beautiful, healthy, handmade soaps that sound good enough to eat. I am sure their scent is divine and cannot wait until my package arrives. Seriously, I went through her list and had to stop when I had already purchased 5 bars and wasn't to the end yet. She has some wonderful Christmas scents that cannot be resisted! They would make fabulous stocking stuffers too! I can just see a big apothecary jar full of these beautiful soaps in my "coming soon" new bathroom!
I have posted this link as a permanent fixture on my blog so I can go back anytime I want and order more. Their appeal will be all year long for me! While she is working on a button, it will be at the bottom of my blog. You'll see her Itty Bitty Soap Company logo, you can't miss it...don't you just love the name of her company? Her lovely creations will be coming to you from Utah! Place an order soon and please tell her I sent you! Enjoy and pamper yourself and others with Caroline's all-natural soaps today. I highly recommend them!"

Then when she received the order this is the email she sent me.

Dear Caroline,
I got the soaps and LOVE them.  Even Jim is going nuts! . . . You have a winner here!  And thank you so much for the extra ones!  . . .  I put your link on Facebook...did I tell you? . . . Fabulous idea and so perfect for your life style too. Love everything about it!  What a great adventure for you!  The packaging is adorable!