Tuesday, March 10, 2009

We LOVE Adam!!!

The rest of the contestants are just there for second & third place. Adam Lambert blows the doors off the other contestants. He's sexy in a new Mick Jagger kind of way. After his performance, the rest of American Idol was just boring. Even if he got voted out tonight, he would shoot straight to the top. He is by far, the sexiest, best singer ever!!!


Adam Lambert is the only force on earth thus far that has been able to make me watch American Idol. Not even my best friend's efforts to try and get me to watch it worked. But as soon as I saw Mr. Sexy Pants doing a sexy dance on that stage, I couldn't resist watching, and now I am basically in love with Adam. He is pretty much the sexiest man in the world. And by the way, my mom wishes she could get her hair and make up to do that!

Birthday Girl!

March 2nd I turned 20!!! I went home that weekend to celebrate with my sweet family/take a break from school.

What a day. I was pretty excited and elated. Firstly, when asked "How old are you?" the word "teen" doesn't have to be in my answer anymore. I know I'm really only like day older, but it just feels so much better to not have to answer "19" [and feel like a baby] when a 26 year old guy asks how old I am...
Cool thing #2 about being 20 is this:
I woke up to this sweet email from my Dad. In it he old me his four divisions of the life stage:
0-20 youth and relative carefree stuff.
20-40 adulthood and family.
40-60 gut check time.
60-80 cellular deterioration slide.
I've now entered "Adulthood and Family". That got me thinking just about this next decade and all the thing I will (hopefully) do. The list goes as follows: get into a Nursing Program, graduate college, pass NCLEX, go to Grad school, become a NP, get married, have babies!, be a mommy and a wife, own a home... and all the other adult things that go with it.
That excites me.

So the day was great, thanks to fabulous friends and roommates and an incredible family.

Lastly just wanted to express gratitude to my parents for the past 20 years. I marvel at dedication and love they have to the Lord, their children and eachother. They have, by example and gentle guidance, molded and shaped me into the person I am today. I hope that they are proud.

Thanks and lots of love to everyone for making my birthday so speacial.
OH- and shoutout to Reg for my hippy slippers!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Peter Pan

So its a brand new trimester at school, and one of my new classes is a reading and literature class, which is an enormous step for me because it takes me this insane amount of discipline to actually finish a book. Or start one. Of all the books that I've read, though, 'Peter Pan' by J.M Barrie is my very favorite.
After my teacher took the role he was asking all of these random people what book they are reading now. He called on me, and since I'm not reading one now, I said that I was reading Peter Pan. I guess that for some reason lying seemed like my best chance in this situation. Anyways, when I said that I'm reading it, my teacher gave me this really weird look and said, "Are you serious?" Um, yes I was serious. At least I would have been if I hadn't been lying. Apparently this man does not know that Peter Pan actually existed before the Disney version. Then he moved on to the next student without giving me a chance to justify my reading material.
Um, Peter Pan was written in 1904 by a genius, and is a very famous, classic piece of literature. Its way different than the Disney movie, and it is basically the best book in the whole world for kids and grown ups. But mostly grown ups.

"Peter Pan has a suppleness, lightness, and intelligence that are "literary" in the best sense...what we tend to forget because the tale of Peter Pan and Neverland has been so relentlessly boiled down, hashed up, and coated in saccharine, is that J.M. Barrie's original version is also witty, sophisticated, and delightfully odd."
- Richard Farr

I'm pretty sure that everyone already knows this, but after witnessing what I did today at school, I thought that I would clear things up just in case. :)