Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Birthday Boy, and His Daughter!

We finally made it back to Nicki & Mckay's late Friday night and were planning on going into the city Saturday morning. As luck would have it, that was the day the big snow storm hit the east coast and so we stayed home. We just hung out and watched a lot of football and visited. We didn't realize the storm had been so devasting, it was just pretty from our point of view. Of course, next morning going to church was a different story. It was pretty icy out there. Again, I was so busy just watching the snow storm, I didn't get any pictures. Really, it wasn't any different from the dozens of snowstorms we get in Utah every winter, so I wasn't that motivated to be capturing it on camera.

Sunday was our last night with the Dunn's. We left Monday for the airport and a long trip back home. It was hard to say good-bye to the kids, but knowing they will be here for Christmas makes it much easier. Too bad we live so far from each other!

Friday, December 2, 2011


Our trip to New England was so much fun, but as I am writing blogs to journal it, I realize that (1) we didn't take enough pictures and (2) the ones we have don't do it justice. I can't even remember the name of this little town up the coast of Maine, but it was a beautiful little town. 

We drove across a very low bridge to this island in the back of the first photo below. Just after we got off the bridge, we saw this cute little building (we loved the buildings/NE architecture out there), which just happens to be the library. I should get a photo of the library here just for comparison's sake (ours is extremely ugly). Even their libraries are cute! The homes over on the other side of the island were amazing. Again, I was so busy gocking at them, I didn't get any pictures. But the other problem is that there are so many trees, I couldn't have gotten decent pictures even if I had remembered!
After driving around the "rich" side of the island, we got back on the road and headed even further up the coast. We stopped at this little "lobster pound" for my very first and very yummy lobster roll. Basically it was lobster on a hotdog bun. The lobster was good, but for heaven's sake, if you are going to serve it on a bun couldn't we get something a little fancier than a hotdog bun. Lobster good, bun disappointing. 

When we got to this place, we weren't sure how much further we had to go until we got to Bar Harbor, which was our final northern destination. We had a huge problem reading maps on this trip. Not that we couldn't get oriented, but we could never get our minds to equate the distance, even with the little guide at the bottom of the map. We're just too used to driving in the wide open spaces of the west. We would look at the map and think we had hours to go to get somewhere and just a few minutes later, we would be at our destination. From this lobster pound we were only about 1.5 hours from Bar Harbor - yeah!

Again, crossing another bridge and a too-late picture. We drove over a very narrow highway to get to the kind-of-island Bar Harbor. It is a beautiful little island way up in the northeastern corner of Maine. Used to be the playground of the rich and famous, most notably the Rockafellers. There were tons of these little stone bridges all over the island, but again due to "lookin out my window" I only got one picture. Kent wouldn't back up the highway a few feet so I could get more pictures of the bridges???The island was just so beautiful. Home of Acadia National Park. Gorgeous.

This is the beautiful hotel we stayed at while we were in Bar Harbor. This is just the tiny little wing Kent and I stayed in, it was a huge hotel. Our room was right on the end with a beautiful view of the water. 
Here are some pictures of the rest of the island. The camera just doesn't quite capture the beauty of this place.

We only spent one night in Bar Harbor and then the next morning we headed south again. It took us about three days to drive up to Bar Harbor and we were going to make the drive south back to Nicki & Mckay's in one day. Lots of driving, but again, we were amazed at how quickly we were covering the distance in New England. We finally got to York, Maine, around 5 p.m. York is the southern most coastal town on Maine before you get into Mass. It is a beautiful little resort town so we stopped there for dinner and to look around. Vacation here anyone?
We only saw a few light houses in Maine, which I thought was weird. Isn't Maine supposed to have tons of light houses. This one was really cute, and if it had been earlier in the day, we might have walked out to it, but it was getting late and dark and we still had to get through Massachusetts and most of Connecticut to get to our reservation at the Dunn's. The house in the picture above the light house is not typical of York, but it also isn't unusual. Too much money here on the east coast. Oh, while we were driving around York looking for a place for dinner, we were temporarily detoured around the elementary school as it was their Halloween parade. It was a cute little community with a cute little school with cute little children. I could live here! Okay, more later.