Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Regan goes to PA

I know it seems like I have been a negligent blogger, but really I just didn't really have anything to blog about, until now; so here goes! :)

I spent my weekend in Hershey, PA, to visit the family that I'll start nannying for this summer. I woke up at four o'clock to catch a plane to Chicago, then waited for 4 fours and flew to Cincinnati, and two hours after that I was on a plane to Harrisburg (Which is about 10 minutes from Hershey.) It was really scary to have to find all of the different planes, and it was a PAIN to fly on all of them. My day ended at 11:00 that night. But I did get to see a tiny bit of Chicago and Cincinnati from the airport. (Wooo!)

That night I saw my cute little apartment for the first time, and I love it. They put a teapot in my kitchen which I loved so much I took this picture of it:
Yay! I love it. Its on my very own stove on my very own floor in my very own kitchen in my very own apartment.
Hershey is named Hershey because that's where Milton S. Hershey started the whole company, so basically the whole town's 'theme' is chocolate. On my first full day there we went to Chocolate World, which is like the factory and all of these little shops and rides and a 3D show all jumbled up in one building. It was super fun, and when we were done there we went to the Susquehanna river, which was really beautiful. We spent the next day at the house. The family lives on a little 'farmette' right outside the town, and have three horses and some goats.
Christian is the little boy I'll take care of, he is almost 2 and a half. He is so cute and called me 'Miss Regan' while I was there. I absolutely love him and am so excited to be his nanny. I'll also be taking care of their second child, who will be born the end of July.
On monday I woke up at three a.m to fly back home. Well, actually to Cincinnait, then Chicago and then, finally, home!!! It was a really fun little trip. I was really nervous to meet them for the first time, but the family is great and now I'm super excited to move out there this summer.